Mission Statement

AgProven brings the spotlight on Agriculture to increase public awareness of how our food, organic products, renewable resources, livestock, and thousands other products are a direct outcome of all the individuals involved in Agriculture. AgProven creates products to both enhance and showcase Agricultural awareness.

Public Awareness

There are thousands of people who are involved in Agriculture; AgProven is a voice and way to recognize this hard working sector.

It is crucial for the public to realize all the hard work it takes to get vegetables at the grocery store, have restaurants running, the mass amount of energy drinks made, the organic meat created, E85 alternative fuel, clothes we wear, and all other products far in between. These products don’t just magically appear, it takes planted seeds, watering, harvesting, births, feeding, nurturing, and hundreds of hours to get the end results. Being a part of Agriculture is not an easy job. Only those worthy will work hard day-in and day-out. AgProven ensures this hard work and pride is noticed.

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